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About Darla Teagarden 

          In the early 1990s, Darla began as stylist and Make-up artist in San Francisco and Île-de-France. Eventually, she became a historical cabaret dancer for the Goethe Institute of San Francisco portraying notorious German characters both real and Imagined. These series of productions were choreographed by Martha Graham protégé and U.C. Berkley professor, Marni Wood, and directed by Voluptuous Panic author, Mel Gordan- Starring German singer, Nina Hagen and other German celebrities--

          Through the years she was production designer, vintage clothing buyer and occasional 'alternative' model. ----In 2003 she delved into mixed media on canvas showing in New Orleans' French Quarter, New York's Woodstock Art Fest and Austin, Texas @ Continental Gallery ( then 1313) ,

Gallery Lombardi and Guadalupe Gallery. 


       In March 2007, she applied her trade skills and interests to photography in Austin , Texas where she currently resides. 


        Darla makes her portraits ( primarily self portraits, unless otherwise stated) by crafting small theatrical vignettes out of wood, paper, chalk , plaster and projection, creating in-camera effects. Her images serve as means for communication, protection, ritual and a sense of place. Her images are either faceless or in character. She uses symbolic gestures as the narrative communicates common experience and unity.  


 *Lastest shows for her photography were held at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Last Rites Gallery, N.Y.C. and The Convent in Philly.  Her photographs were also recently included in the book of photography entitled,  Black Forest by Candela Press, edited by Russell Joslin.



New Series
"Portraits From Asphodel"
coming in 2022

Portraits from Asphodel is my view into the underworld realm

of Asphodel Meadows.


Portraits, as if gathered by an unknowable being, give hints at secrets behind the resident soul's earthly life stories and corporeal demise. Surreal story telling and sympathetic character studies reveal something new about the consequences and joys of the human path.

I have gathered a group of talented writers with distinct styles to help decipher what these images are murmuring into your ear. These short stories will be exhibited at the completion of the project - Darla 

Sweet Nell and the Dervish Tree
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